When you think of vodka, what first comes to mind?

How about a cosmopolitan or a screwdriver. It is by far the most popular spirit to add to cocktails, and even better for the frozen slushy kind! Here are some favourite vodka cocktail recipes and the maximum recommended amounts of your added alcohol that work well with our slushy flavour mixes:

Premium Real Fruit Vodka Cocktails

Makes approx 6.0L once you add alcohol

Watermelon Smash

Juicy, sweet, ripe watermelon
Add 700ml Vodka or Rum, or 350ml of each

For a smashing twist, add a dash of mint on the side!


Ripe lemon citrus, ginger and sweet honey
Add 700ml Vodka (or Gin)

Delicious, soothing frozen cocktail, perfect for self isolation!


Sweet, ripe strawberry pulp
Add up to 2 x 750ml Rose Wine & 250ml Vodka

Delicious frozen Rose and Strawberry summer cocktail!


Crisp, delicious cranberry & lime
Add up to 2 x 750ml Rose Wine & 250ml Vodka

This stunning Frosen rose cocktail is taking the world by storm!


Sweet, crisp, delicious apple juice
Add 700ml Vodka & 200ml Triple Sec

For a Sour Appletini, replace Triple Sec with 200ml Sour Apple Schnapps

NY Cosmopolitan

Crisp cranberry and lime juice
Add 700ml vodka and 200ml cointreau or triple sec

This popular vodka cocktail is pretty & pink!

Passionfruit Pleasure

Ripe, tropical passionfruit pulp
Add 700ml vodka or 700ml citrus vodka

Summer in a glass. Delish!

Sex on the Beach

Ripe citrus and mouth watering cranberry
Add 700ml vodka and 200ml peach schnapps

Matched best in a double barrel machine with lime margarita

Premium Raspberry Rascal

Oh raspberry!
Add 700ml vodka or 700ml raspberry vodka

You’ll definitely go back for more!

Syrup Base Vodka Cocktail Mixes

Makes approx 11L once you add vodka

Fruit Tingle

Pineapple slushy mix
Add 700ml vodka and 700ml blue curacao

Heaps of pineapple taste – this cocktail turns green!

Midori Illusion

Illusion with a pineapple and lime twist
Add 1000ml melon liqueur and 400ml vodka

Perfect for a green themed party!

Luscious Slushi provides the non-alcoholic base mix and you provide the fun! These are the maximum recommended amounts of alcohol to add to the vodka cocktail base flavour mixes.

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