Everything you need to know about hiring a slushy machine


What flavours do you have?
We have a huge selection of slushy mixes. Please visit our slushy machine flavours section for more details.
Do you do long term leasing?
No, not at this time. We strictly cater to the one to three consecutive day hires.
What are your delivery charges?

$15 North Shore, $35 Auckland Central (CBD & 15km radius); $50 Greater Auckland (East, West & South Auckland). Please ring or email us for areas further than those listed above. All prices are NZD and GST inclusive.

When do you deliver the machine?
We recommend at least two hours prior to the start of your party.
Can we use our own flavour mixes?
No, unless you can verify the sugar content for us. The flavour mix must have the right amount of sugar; otherwise, it may not slush at all or will freeze solid – ultimately damaging the machine. All of our mixes are made specifically for the machine.
Do the flavour mixes include alcohol?
No. All flavour mixes are non-alcoholic. If you so choose, you can add alcohol to the flavour mix once we deliver the machine. If you are unsure of which alcohol to use with a base mix, we will be happy to assist you.
Do you allow us to pick up the machine?
No, but we do consider on a case by case basis for out of delivery service areas only.
What if there are leftovers in the barrels?
You’ve paid for it, so it’s yours! Our delivery team always carries plastic containers and will empty any leftovers from the barrels for you. What’s left is yours to keep!
How many glasses do we get from each barrel?
It depends on the flavour you have chosen (standard or premium), and also the glass size. If you hire our cocktail glasses, you’ll get approximately 50 glasses per barrel with a standard flavour and approx 38 with a premium flavour.

The Slushy Machine

Do we need to supply ice?
No. The slushy machines produce its own slush. Adding ice will damage the machine.
Is it easy to set up and use?
Very easy! Our delivery team will set up the slushy machine, add in your alcohol, if applicable, and then get the machine started. They will show you how to use the machine, make up extra mixes and how to make small top-ups to each barrel throughout your party.
What if I break the machine?
Additional expenses will be deducted from your bond. If your bond doesn’t cover the entire cost of the breakage, we will bill you for the full repair. This very rarely occurs, as the majority of our customers take great care of the machine once in their possession.
Does the machine require power?
Yes, a standard 240V outlet in your home is all that is needed. We also hire generators and leads if you plan on having your party outdoors where there is no electricity in sight!
How long does it take for the flavour mix to slush?
It takes approximately 90 minutes, but longer if it’s outside and uncovered. And if in direct sunlight, it may not slush at all! Be sure you pick a cool spot for the slushy machine to ensure slushiness.
Where is the best place to put the slushy machine?
A kitchen benchtop is preferable or a very sturdy table that can handle the machine’s weight. We do hire table if you do not have a suitable and sturdy location for the slushy machine.
What are the terms and conditions of a slushy machine hire?
Go to our T’s and C’s page. It is also emailed to you in along with the invoice. We will ask you to sign the invoice upon delivery of the slushy machine to state that you have fully read and agree to our terms and conditions.
Do I have to clean the machine or glasses before you pick it up?
No! We do all of that for you.
What are the machine dimensions and how much do they weigh?
Our Cab Spa machines measure 840mm high, 480mm deep, and – single 30 kg 200mm wide – double 55 kg 400mm wide – triple 74 kg 600mm wide

The Hiring Process

How far in advance should I book a slushy machine?
We recommend two weeks during the busy season, but have been known to make last minute bookings with one day’s notice. Always best to ring us if you want to hire a machine last minute!
How do I hire a slushy machine for my special occasion?
Either fill in our booking form or ring us on 0800-SLUSHY (758 749). We will then confirm availability of your hire date.

Payment Related

When do you require the bond to be paid?
As soon as we have confirmed that there is machine available for your party. We will email you the details.
When is payment in full required?
Prior to delivery. If you make a Friday payment for a Saturday hire, be sure to email us a screenshot of your payment details. We prefer internet banking, but accept credit card payment only upon request.
What types of payment do you accept?
We prefer payment by internet banking, but also provide for credit card payments via a Paypal request and only upon request. Cash is not acceptable as it is company policy that our drivers do not carry cash.

Still have questions?

Send us an email, and we’ll sort it out! Contact Us