Party Themes or Events that will tempt your taste buds

You’re thinking about doing a little something different for your party. A slushy machine hire is the perfect party idea – especially if you’re in Auckland! It will definitely make your occasion a memorable one!
Of course, we want you to be creative! If there’s another party theme in which you want a slushy machine, go for it! We’re more than happy to help you with your flavours choices and any other questions that you may have!

Here’s How a Slushy Machine Hire Works

In order to make the hire run smoothly and on time, what we’ll need from you is a sturdy table or benchtop for the machine – preferably near an electrical outlet – and alcohol, if you choose to add it to the mixes. Since the machine requires electricity, it should always be under cover and kept dry. Please be sure that you know exactly where the machine is to be placed so that our staff can set it up rather quickly. As part of our health and safety policy, the machine is not to be moved once it has been set up. Luscious Slushi’s team will deliver and set up the machine at least two hours prior to the start of your event.

We’ll instruct you on how to use the machine, make up extra mixes, and what to do at the end of your occasion. If you require additional accessories, please check out our pricing page. The following or same day, Luscious Slushi will pick up the machine and any other items you may have hired. No need to clean the machine as we take care of that!

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