Frozen Fun for Everyone!

Ever wonder about the story behind the ice cool slushies? So do we! They are also known as slurpees, ICEEs, slush puppies and the list goes on. All quite cool and delicious.

Our Philosophy

Luscious Slushi Limited is determined to be New Zealand’s number one supplier of slushy machine hires for any occasion! We have a small team, but are committed to not only providing the most reliable and professional service, but also the best slushy flavour mixes and accessories for our customers.

Our History

Luscious Slushi Limited is currently owned and managed by the husband and wife team of Sean and Cara Jowers. Cara actually suggested the business name to their friends, who loved it so much that they used it. And in 2010, Sean and Cara had the opportunity to purchase the business from those same friends. Sean, having been in the liquor industry for over 15 years; Cara, hailing from the USA and having loved slushies ever since she was a kid; and both enjoying a great themed party or two and loving social interaction … it really was a no brainer for them to keep Luscious Slushi alive and kicking! That, and now Cara can have a slushy machine going 24 hours a day. Yippee!

They have enjoyed meeting heaps of awesome people since then! We’re always looking for more slushy machine distributors. If you’re in one of the larger regions in New Zealand, we’d like to chat with you!or our customers.

Auckland Slushy Team

Sean J

Director Sales & Marketing
021 547 583 or 0800-SLUSHY

Cara J

Director Finance & Customer Services
021 415 623 or 0800-SLUSHY

Sheldon and Alice

Delivery Driver Extraordinaire Slushy Machine Cleaner & Inventory Manager

we love snail mail

Postal Address
Sean or Cara Jowers
PO Box 305-199, Triton Plaza
Auckland 0757

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