The Perfect Birthday Treat

Slushies are a perfect alternative to the usual fizzy drinks at your child’s birthday party! And their friends will be stoked too. What a great kids party idea! We’ll even throw in twenty-five free plastic cups and straws for your kid’s party hire.

The Slushy Machine

It’s really easy to use and will be a very memorable birthday party for your child (and for their friends as well)! We also offer the best, natural real fruit slushy mixes or syrup based flavours as well.

The most popular choice for a kids party hire has been the single barrel slushy machine. It will provide approx. 50 x 200ml cups (syrup flavours) or 25 x 200ml cups (real fruit flavours) of pure frozen fun for your child and their friends. Before you know it, they will all start to compare the colours on their tongues and giggle their heads off!

Cool Flavours

There are many flavours from which you can choose. Do you have a birthday party theme or colour in mind? Our flavours range in colour from green to blue to yellow to red to orange. Check out all the flavor choices for kids.

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Your kids will love you for it!