Margaritas, margaritas, margaritas!

This is, by far, our most popular themed party for hiring a slushy machine! It’s a great Mexican fiesta party idea and provides something different for your guests. And you won’t have to sit around the bar area or kitchen mixing drinks. The machine does it all for you! You can choose from a wide variety of margarita flavours and it’s very easy to use. We’re happy to bring it to your office, home, or to the location of your Mexican themed party.

Which Slushy Machine Should we Hire for our Mexican themed party?

Plus, you can choose up to three different margarita flavours and colours depending on the machine you hire. The double or triple barrel slushy machines have been the most popular choices for Mexican fiesta party; and the lime based margarita mix, the most popular flavour. We also have some delicious fruit based flavours that would taste awesome with a little tequila.

  • 10 litre x 1 barrel
  • 840mm high, 480mm deep, 200mm wide
  • 530W power
  • 30kg net weight

  • 10 litre x 2 barrels
  • 840mm high, 480mm deep, 400mm wide
  • 850W power
  • 55kg net weight

  • 10 litre x 3 barrels
  • 840mm high, 480mm deep, 600mm wide
  • 1100W power
  • 74kg net weight

What Flavours can I Choose?

There are many different margarita flavours from which you can choose. The lime flavour is, of course, the most favourite and popular Mexican drink choice, but we have others. Check out our Margarita page for more details.

Other Occasions for a Slushy Machine Hire

Mexican fiesta parties are just one of the many occasions for which you can hire a slushy machine. Have a look at other popular times during the year in which you may want a frozen fun for everyone experience.

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