Liqueur cocktails rock this world!

We’ve chosen some favourites that you will enjoy. Some popular alcohol to add to your liqueur cocktail might include Baileys, cointreau, sour apple, creme de cacao, midori, banana liqueur, and amaretto. Whether you’re looking for a creamy dessert like drink or a fun and fruity mix, you won’t be disappointed with the slushy flavours that we have in stock and can provide for your occasion.

Here are a few liqueur cocktail recipes and the maximum recommended amounts of added alcohol that work well with our slushy flavour mixes:

Premium Base Cocktail Mixes

Makes 8.5L once you add alcohol


Rich velvety, smooth chocolate with an orange twist.
Add 700ml Bailey’s and 200ml Cointreau

Perfect as an after dinner cool down!


Crisp cranberry and lime juice.
Add 500ml sour apple liqueur and 500ml vodka

Great for a night with just the girls!

Syrup Base Cocktail Mixes

Makes approx 11L once you add alcohol


Pucker up for this passion orange concentrate.
Add 700ml Cointreau and 700 White Creme de Cacao

Excellent liqueur cocktail for orange and chocolate lovers

Scooby Snack

Sweet pineapple concentrate.
Add 500ml ea Midori and Malibu and 250ml banana liqueur

Popular with the 18 – 21 year olds


Delicious orange juice and mango concentrate.
Add 700ml Amaretto, 500ml Cointreau, and 300ml vanilla vodka

If you love almonds and oranges, you’ll love this liqueur cocktail!

Luscious Slushi, Auckland, provides the non-alcoholic base mix and you provide the fun! These are the maximum recommended amounts of alcohol to add to the base flavour mixes. If you have something else in mind and want to find out if it will work, just give us a ring! We’re more than happy to help.

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