General Health & Safety Policy

For Luscious Slushi Ltd’s Customers

Your safety is the constant concern of this company, as well as our employees and contractors.  While every precaution has been taken to provide a safe workplace for our employees and / or contractors, we also ask that you provide a safe environment to the best of your ability for our team in which to enter and maneuver.

Please find below a list of specific safety rules and guidelines:

  • To take reasonable care for your own and others’ health and safety on your premises.
  • To follow on-site safety instruction as provided for by our team.
  • To provide a safe path for our team in which to deliver slushy machines and accessories.
  • To provide appropriate cover for equipment if machine is to be outside – as electricity and rain do not mix.
  • To provide assistance with machine and accessories if asked by our team.
  • To provide an area closest to an electrical source as possible (unless hiring a generator) and a stable surface in which to set machine and accessories.
  • To not move the machine once it has been set up unless we have given prior approval.
  • To not transport the machine to an address other than what was supplied to our team upon booking.
  • To listen to instructions on how to properly operate equipment.
  • To turn off slushy machine at end of use, firstly, using machine switches, and then at the wall.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us directly at [email protected] or ring us at 0800-758-749.